Gerald Drews

Amberlea Meadows Equestrian Centre

We have been using WHOA Dust™ for over 3 years in several of our arenas. It has been effective in our indoor arena and outdoors in both our sand competition ring as well as our silica GGT ring. Whoa Dust has reduced our watering in all our rings and has especially been an effective binding agent to help keep the footing firm and reduce shear. WHOA Dust™ has a strong focus on customer service relations and are a pleasure to do business with. 

Sarah O

Brass Ring Farm

Whoa Dust has been a great product for our indoor arena. It has cut down on the amount we have to water plus if it does start to dry out the dust stays low to the ground helping everyone's breathing. Another added benefit we have experienced is how it helps to keep the footing softer. Before using WHOA Dust™ the arena track would get hard packed by the end of the day and now it doesn't. We really recommend this product and we will continue to use it in our arena! Thank you for a great product.


Kim Robson

Pacific Country Stable

I first read about WHOA Dust™ in a magazine. Knowing I needed to do something about the dust in my arena I gave them a call and ordered a batch. With a great video and a little instruction from an associate I easily applied the product. Within minutes it started to work transforming my dusty dry arena into a moist sand. Not only did this product wipe out the dust , it  put life back into my footing. I now water a 1/3 of what I had used to , and even in areas where the footing dries from the sun coming in , there is no dust. Whoa dust has done its job. Thanks Alex for the great service!


White Dove Stables  

As a boarding facility using well water, it is always a challenge to keep our arena footing watered. We started using WHOA DUST™ two summers ago and will never be without it! We went from watering every day to 2 times per week with the implementation of WHOA DUST™. In the winter months we will only need to water once a week if that. Our arena is a sand/dirt mix and the Whoa Dust works amazing.

Stephanie Golder

Peace Area Riding for the Disabled Society 

Here at Peace Area Riding for the Disabled Society (PARDS), we run riding lessons 6 days a week, from 10am until 8pm. In an arena this busy, dust can be a big problem. After applying the WHOA DUST™, not only did we see elimination in dust, but the footing dramatically improved. It is firmer, and the surface stays even. No more divots or wet and dry spots. It has reduced the amount we need to water from every 2 days, to a light sprinkling once every 2 weeks. Thank you, your product has significantly improved the working life of our horses, and for that we are truly grateful.


Silver Lakes Equestrian Center

We had WHOA Dust™ applied to our central riding arena in Silver Lakes, CA. We have noticed a diminished dust and water retention under the surface is realized! Thanks Alex and Donna! Great product and wonderful customer service!

Kathy Fremes  

Competition Coach, Owner-Manager Country Hill Farm

I have been using WHOA Dust™ as my arena conditioner for the past few years and I’m very impressed with this product. It not only is an excellent dust retardant but it does, indeed, rejuvenate the spring in my natural footing, as promised. And it works well with the range of Ontario weather due to climate change—really hot and dry in the summer and extremely cold in the winter. Also it is environmentally friendly—what attracted to me to this product in the first place. Recently, my vet came to the farm and gave an impromptu complement on the footing saying that there is no way a horse could get injured with the quality of our indoor arena footing—it was the best he had seen in his practice! That is important to me as a competition coach who also trains a lot of young horses. I know that one of the most important factors to keep my sport horses healthy and to ensure the performance longevity is the surface they practice on daily. One of the crossbred I trained as a baby is now 27 and still going strong!


Sonya Campbell

Topline Stable & Show Park

This winter was the easiest winter we have had in terms of arena maintenance. With virtually no watering, the footing stayed moist and consistent. It did not move or shift near as much as before and the outside track could handle a lot more traffic before it needed to be raked.
 So far I have been very happy with the results of WHOA DUST™ and would recommend it to anyone."



Laura Lynn Equestrian Centre

I just overheard two of boarders commenting on the new footing - it's not new I added WHOA DUST™! They were saying how much softer and fluffy it is! I am super impressed with it and very happy I decided to put it in my arena. We have an area at the entrance to the arena that is the same material and it gets really dusty there. I added some WHOA DUST™ there and of course it is way better!


Jan Jollymour -EC Level 2 Coach,

FEI Dressage Competitor & Coach

I bought WHOA DUST™ and applied it as directed to the Hog Fuel Footing in our indoor arena. It was very easy to apply, and has lasted well. My arena’s watering requirements dropped from daily to once every two to three weeks; the footing was firmer with less shear following application of WHOA DUST™. I’m definitely a fan, so please send me more. ASAP!


Julie Cook

Whitecourt & District Agricultural Society

"We have WHOA Dust™in our arena and we absolutely love it. We are a multi-functional arena, meaning we have all disciplines of riders, barrel racers, reiners, jumpers, Tennessee walking horses, you name it we have it here in Whitecourt. Everyone loves the dust free zone. We also rent out to dog agility and archery people and even a car show once in a while. No complaints whatsoever. 



Diane David

Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association

"For an arena is as busy as ours, dust is a real concern. WHOA DUST™ makes a real difference. We love it!"