The World's Safest & Effective Road Dust Suppressant


WHOA Dust™ is an environmentally safe, non-corrosive alternative to traditional road dust control methods. Easily applied and effective for dust control on high traffic gravel roads, yard sites, construction, tailing ponds and other unpaved surfaces.


WHOA Dust™ controls the dust by knitting together the loose aggregate which assists with compacting and setting up the gravel. WHOA Dust™ reduces the need for grader support while keeping the dust down. Designed to withstand heavy traffic yet be cost-effective enough to be used as road dust suppressant for limited budgets. 

Designed to withstand heavy traffic yet be cost effective for limited budgets

Conventional dust control products have a range of negative side-effects in terms of their effect on the environment. The use of highly corrosive chloride-based dust suppressant can cause rust on vehicles and be harmful to roadside vegetation. 

The WHOA Dust™ line of products offer environmentally friendly solutions for road dust control, and are also used for a wide range of other applications, such as erosion control, waste dumps, tailings ponds, open areas on construction sites, and other unpaved surfaces. All products are applied using standard equipment and techniques, allowing for ease of use for our customers worldwide.


Special dust control for underground tunnel - Edmonton LRT


Logging roads see reduced watering amounts = to reduced expenses.

Locks Surface
Locks Surface

Compacts Surfaces

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Footing Test
Footing Test

Sample Footing Test

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Reduces Water
Reduces Water

Reduces Labor Costs

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WHOA DUST™ has three main purposes

Stop dust from rising

Moisture will be retained, reducing need to water by a minimum of 50%

Easy to use on roads, driveways, cart paths and any other unpaved surfaces

When we apply WHOA Dust™ during our gravel application operations, it assists with compacting and setting up the gravel surface. WHOA Dust™ aids in preventing gravel separation and maintains a compacted running surface that assists in bridging the soft sections of the sub-grade.

Emery Gorman

Frontier Resource Group Ltd.